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holiday primitive, Vintage Seashell Trinket Box Sailor's Valentine 1970s



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Vintage Seashell Trinket Box Sailor's Valentine circa 1970s This little handmade seashell encru vanity nightstandsted cu vanity nightstandtie has fou vanity nightstandr cylindrical compartments inside. Lined in red felt This box is in pre-loved condition and stands 2" tall x 6" wide x 4" deep There are a few smaller shells missing which can be seen in the photos, bu vanity nightstandt you vanity nightstand really have to look for them. Zoom in for a closer look. Su vanity nightstandrrender Dorothy. We've got the stylin' vintage gear you vanity nightstand'll ever need for maintaining the Lu vanity nightstandxe lifestyle you vanity nightstand crave. Ou vanity nightstandr shop offers a vast and never-ending array of affordable and very cool antiqu vanity nightstande and vintage finds from Maine; home decor treasu vanity nightstandres that you vanity nightstand won't find elsewhere. You vanity nightstand can always expect to find the u vanity nightstandnexpected here.We're one of the most diverse vintage shops arou vanity nightstandnd and we add fresh inventory every day, so be su vanity nightstandre to bookmark ou vanity nightstandr shop and check back with u vanity nightstands often so you vanity nightstand don't miss ou vanity nightstandt on anything.Resistance is fu vanity nightstandtile. Su vanity nightstandrrender Dorothy offers 24 hou vanity nightstandr a day vintage shopping therapy for the hopelessly retro addicted..==================================================We're stu vanity nightstandffed to overflowing with hu vanity nightstandndreds of fascinating vintage objects to feather you vanity nightstandr nest with! View them all here:http://www./shop/Su vanity nightstandrrenderDorothy?section_id=6919394===================================================Take a vintage tou vanity nightstandr throu vanity nightstandgh the Seventies here:http://www./shop/su vanity nightstandrrenderdorothy/search?search_qu vanity nightstandery=1970s**********************************************************Please View Ou vanity nightstandr Shop Policies Here:http://www./shop/Su vanity nightstandrrenderDorothy/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftnav

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