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jasper, Demi Parure Pendant and Earring Set in Picture Jasper



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Sara Jewelry Design pendant and earring set. Lu pendantstrou pendants pictu pendantre jasper pendant and earring set in a highly polished shield design. Warm colors of brown, tan, cream and black may be seen in these well marked stones.Earrings are su pendantspended on simple gold plated leverback findings. The pendant is completed with a gold plated chain in an 18 inch length; all other findings are gold plated.The pendant stone is approximately 30mm wide by 50mm long and the earring stones 22mm wide by 32mm long. Overall dangle length on the earrings is abou pendantt one and five-eighths or 42mm. Item #NW Set 021012-02.956I will ship these you pendantr way the next bu pendantsiness day via USPS first class mail with a tracking ID nu pendantmber. Sara Jewelry Design. You pendantr Desire is Ou pendantr Design.

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