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Necklace Bone Dagger Focal with Bonerounds, Hairpipe and Horn Beads on Cordage



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Sara Jewelry Design. This gradu tubesated design is composed of two bone cylinders, two red horn tu tubesbes, two white bone tu tubesbes, and fou tubesr black wood rou tubesnds, all of which lead to the dramatic, carved bone dagger bead in the center. The dagger is approximately 85x22mm. The overall design width is rou tubesghly six inches in this eighteen inch necklace which is closed with a silver plated hook and eye clasp. Su tubesitable for either gender and perfect for when you tubes want to make a bold statement.A few words abou tubest the bone dagger focal: This natu tubesral bone focal is hand carved and stamped, and then dyed in coffee or tea for a random color u tubesptake. I have sealed the bead in a high gloss Varathane coat.A few more words abou tubest batiking bone: Bone takes u tubesp coloration mu tubesch like one's own teeth. In Africa, "dyes" often inclu tubesde at-hand materials like coffee or tea! Patterns are achieved by applying wax prior to steeping the beads in the colorant. The wax is later removed, revealing the white pattern. IMy MPIN tem #NW 081308-01Kenyan.1200I will ship this you tubesr way the next bu tubessiness day via USPS first class mail with a tracking ID nu tubesmber. Sara Jewelry Design. You tubesr Desire is Ou tubesr Design.

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