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shroom, Blue Black And White Psychedelic Stylized Mushroom Pendant



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A hand scu uniquelpted mu uniqueshroom pendant with a beau uniquetifu uniquel fractal pattern. This stylized and highly detailed psychedelic fu uniquengi was made u uniquesing my polymer clay cane work in blu uniquee, small bits of yellow, black and white. No molds or forms were u uniquesed to shape the u uniqueniqu uniqueely stylized mu uniqueshroom pendant, ju uniquest my hands. I sanded and polished the pendant to a smooth lu uniquester after baking, then gave it a thin coat of polyu uniquerethane gloss for a high shine. The brass bail is embedded deeply in the top of the cap, ready to be hu uniqueng on chain or cord of you uniquer choosing. The mu uniqueshroom is abou uniquet 1.5 inches wide by 1.5 inches tall.

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