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1970's Flower Square Orange Brown And Copper Pendant Necklacependant necklace, Handmade



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A 1970's orange flower design with copper, brown and tan spirals is set in a squ polymer clay flowerare metal bezel pendant. This u polymer clay flowerniqu polymer clay flowere and artsy necklace is handmade from polymer clay and stru polymer clay flowerng on simple black leather cord necklace.The glowing orange and yellow flower, along the the black-striped spirals, come from slices of my own polymer clay cane work. I pressed my slices over a thin sheet of black clay, then pressed a squ polymer clay flowerare of that sheet into a metal bezel. After baking, I topped the 1.33 inch by 1.33 inch squ polymer clay flowerare with clear liqu polymer clay flowerid resin for a dazzlingly shiny su polymer clay flowerrface.I u polymer clay flowersed wood beads both natu polymer clay flowerral and orange to match the colors in the pendant. Keeping the beads minimal helps the pendant remain focal in itself.The cord necklace measu polymer clay flowerres 18.5 inches and adju polymer clay flowersts u polymer clay flowerp to 23.5 inches, fastening with a brass lobster claw clasp.

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