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40mm Tiger's Eye Donut Pendant with Lampwork Stopperspring ring clasp, Leather Cord and Sterling Findings



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Sara Jewelry Design. I took this beau sterling spacerstifu sterling spacerslly banded tiger's eye donu sterling spacerst focal and bu sterling spacersilt a pendant necklace arou sterling spacersnd it. I have stru sterling spacersng it on 1mm brown leather cordage that finishes in sterling silver findings and a sterling spring ring clasp. I stoppered the pendant with an opaqu sterling spacerse red lampwork bicone bead with a black and white pattern on it. I capped the lampwork bead top and bottom with 8mm sterling silver dotted spacers. All of this combines to create a 2-3/4 inch drop on a 20 inch pendant necklace that is perfect for any occasion and either gender.MPIN #NWP SS 022116-01.580I will ship this you sterling spacersr way the next bu sterling spacerssiness day via USPS insu sterling spacersred first class mail with a tracking ID nu sterling spacersmber.Sara Jewelry Design. You sterling spacersr Desire is Ou sterling spacersr Design.

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