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ammolite jewelry, Ammolite pendant.Brilliant grade AA makes a big impact in a small package.Quality tells!



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Ammolite in top grade is impressive even in small sizes which have BIG impact.The ammolite:A lovely top AA grade 8x6mm 4 colou ammolite necklacer gem--bright--projects its colou ammolite necklacers beau ammolite necklacetifu ammolite necklacelly and has colou ammolite necklacer shifting abilities.The setting.A beau ammolite necklacetifu ammolite necklacelly designed and finished filigree setting that shows off its ammolite beau ammolite necklacetifu ammolite necklacelly.filigreed u ammolite necklacep both arms of the bail too!Not likely any one in you ammolite necklacer circle will have anything like this or even be able to identify the gem--Ammolite is that rare---many have yet to see it!I have the good fortu ammolite necklacene to live where top grade ammolite is mined and am able to select the very best stones right off the cu ammolite necklacetters tables before they fill orders to the general pu ammolite necklaceblic.This is why the qu ammolite necklaceality of gems offered in this shop is consistently among the best available anywhere.NBIn this shop you ammolite necklace always get the exact item you ammolite necklace ordered\u ammolite necklace2014no su ammolite necklacebstitu ammolite necklacetions as done on TV sales shops etc.\u ammolite necklace00a0Most silver\u ammolite necklace00a0set Ammolite you ammolite necklace see in shops,TV shopping channels\u ammolite necklace00a0and in cru ammolite necklaceise ships and their\u ammolite necklace00a0Caribbean, Mexican and Alaskan\u ammolite necklace00a0ports of call, where a lot of Ammolite is sold at sky high prices contain lower grade Ammolites as they reserve their best grades for gold.I prefer to set top grade gems in both silver and gold alike so that my clients are assu ammolite necklacered that they are getting the very best gems no matter what metal they choose,and\u ammolite necklace00a0offer them at very reasonable prices--often half of bricks and mortar\u ammolite necklace00a0stores, cru ammolite necklaceise liner retail or TV sellers.\u ammolite necklace00a0I find that there is a mu ammolite necklacech greater appreciation for silver now that gold has gone stratospheric however I also stock pieces for those who love goldA note abou ammolite necklacet my listing images.All my images are taken u ammolite necklacender professional OTT daylight corrected bu ammolite necklacelbs in order to accu ammolite necklacerately show u ammolite necklacen retou ammolite necklaceched colou ammolite necklacers.Viewing these ammolites u ammolite necklacender different light sou ammolite necklacerces will resu ammolite necklacelt in different colou ammolite necklacers--all still beau ammolite necklacetifu ammolite necklacel--bu ammolite necklacet different.I have received many positive remarks abou ammolite necklacet the accu ammolite necklaceracy of my images and produ ammolite necklacects like these from a repeat bu ammolite necklaceyers:I received the ring today and it is beau ammolite necklacetifu ammolite necklacel. You ammolite necklacer pictu ammolite necklacere/description is right on. It is a gorgeou ammolite necklaces ammonite stone and the setting is perfect. Thank you ammolite necklace very mu ammolite necklacech.--BT--Antioch Tennessee.Hello :I received both of my items and they are absolu ammolite necklacetely beau ammolite necklacetifu ammolite necklacel!\u ammolite necklace00a0 I will definitely order from you ammolite necklace again in the fu ammolite necklacetu ammolite necklacere and recommend you ammolite necklace to my family & friends.Thank you ammolite necklace again for you ammolite necklacer help and patience!Regards,FiorellaThank you ammolite necklace for reply.You ammolite necklacer ammolites are the best we have ever seen. The faceted pendant is so nice.Will bu ammolite necklacey from you ammolite necklace once decision is made on which one we choose..Thanks.yu ammolite necklaceen in HK.SHIPPING.All items are shipped via Canada Post Expedited tracked and insu ammolite necklacered in cru ammolite necklaceshproof boxes and in bu ammolite necklacebble wrap shipping envelopes.A little more expensive bu ammolite necklacet qu ammolite necklaceality items deserve qu ammolite necklaceality shipping.GRADING\u ammolite necklace2014Ju ammolite necklacest so you ammolite necklace know.The ammolite indu ammolite necklacestry has yet to fix on a u ammolite necklaceniform grading system however the following is accepted u ammolite necklacentil it is.Grade AA\u ammolite necklace2026.Three or more colou ammolite necklacers.Bright.Grade A+\u ammolite necklace2026.Two colou ammolite necklacers\u ammolite necklace2014Bright.Grade A \u ammolite necklace2026..One colou ammolite necklacer\u ammolite necklace2014 Bright.Grade A- \u ammolite necklace2026. Du ammolite necklacell.Very darkThe top three grades is all we u ammolite necklacese\u ammolite necklace2026 it makes lovely high qu ammolite necklaceality jewelry,the last grade does not.We don\u ammolite necklace2019t u ammolite necklacese it.A very large amou ammolite necklacent of ammolite of the low A- grade is being bou ammolite necklaceght u ammolite necklacep by Asian interests,set in cheap plated settings and sold as fine ammolite jewelry.Caveat Emptor.FENG SHUI\u ammolite necklace00a0The popu ammolite necklacelarity of ammolite has grown over the last few years, since renowned Feng Shu ammolite necklacei master Edward Ku ammolite necklacei Ming Li began extolling its virtu ammolite necklacees to his followers.He calls it the \u ammolite necklace201cMillenniu ammolite necklacem Stone\u ammolite necklace201d and the most important and powerfu ammolite necklacel of stones. Said to promote the flow of \u ammolite necklace201cchi\u ammolite necklace201d throu ammolite necklaceghou ammolite necklacet the body, enhance well-being, and redu ammolite necklacece toxins in those that own it or wear it.Ammolite can exhibit u ammolite necklacep to seven colou ammolite necklacers\u ammolite necklace2014each bring a certain benefit, su ammolite necklacech as wealth, wisdom, health, growth, or energy. Feng shu ammolite necklacei practitioners call it the \u ammolite necklace201cseven-colou ammolite necklacer\u ammolite necklace201d prosperity stone.\u ammolite necklace201d\u ammolite necklace00a0Bu ammolite necklacey it for its beau ammolite necklacety----- bu ammolite necklacet you ammolite necklace ju ammolite necklacest may enjoy additional benefits too!

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