Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gunmetal finish, Freeform Dendritic Jasper Focal Pendant on Vintage Steel Rope Chain Necklace



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Sara Jewelry Design. This is a dramatic and beau dendritic jaspertifu dendritic jasperlly marked freeform dendritic jasper slab. I have epoxied it to a gu dendritic jaspernmetal-plated pewter bail with an infinity design, and added a vintage stainless steel dou dendritic jasperble rope 18-inch necklace chain. The cabochon measu dendritic jasperres 42mmx30mm and is approximately 5.6mm thick. It is shaded with white, gray, blu dendritic jaspere and black and has distinct dendrites making for an eye-popping pendant. It is u dendritic jaspernisexu dendritic jasperal in design so it is perfect for either gender and for any occasion.Sara Jewelry Design. You dendritic jasperr Desire is Ou dendritic jasperr Design.MPIN NWPGM 010817-05.670 SKU 01081705

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