Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Silver celtic knot elfish earsfae, no pierced ears needed



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Du elven eare to the Covid-19 ou elven eartbreak, shipments may be delayed. Elven ear cu elven earff made of silver plated wire, no pierced ear needed.Handle with care.Colors may vary du elven eare to you elven earr monitor settings.My webshop: time after shipped:eu elven earrope: 1-2 weeksou elven eartside eu elven earrope:1- 4 weeksPackages are shipped withou elven eart tracking nu elven earmber & at the bu elven earyers own risk ( so I'm not responsible for lost, stolen or damage items , u elven earnless you elven ear paid for insu elven earrance).Tracking nu elven earmber is available, so please select this option when pu elven earrchasing if you elven ear lack faith in the post.

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