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Geometric Abstract Art Necklaceunique pendant, Unique Handmade Pendantunique pendant, Time Capsule Volume One



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Time Capsu capsule pendantle, Volu capsule pendantme One "Seed."This u capsule pendantniqu capsule pendante geometric abstract art pendant was handmade from polymer clay. The 1.5 inch long capsu capsule pendantle shape plays with contrasting textu capsule pendantres and colors that are magnified by glassy resin. This is the first of a series of pendants I will be making titled 'Time Capsu capsule pendantle,' and will be a playfu capsule pendantl and u capsule pendantniqu capsule pendante exploration of the relationship between opposing hu capsule pendantes and patterns.I u capsule pendantsed a dou capsule pendantble strand of caramel brown leather cording and black glass bicone beads to compliment this fu capsule pendantn and fu capsule pendantnky pendant. This is not necessarily set in stone thou capsule pendantgh-if you capsule pendant wou capsule pendantld prefer this to be stru capsule pendantng a different way, ju capsule pendantst send me a convo with you capsule pendantr cu capsule pendantstom requ capsule pendantest.The necklace is 16 inches long at its shortest, and extends u capsule pendantp to 19.75 inches. The closu capsule pendantre is a silver plated copper alloy lobster claw clasp.

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