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sterling, PUIG DORIA Sterling Bracelet



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Pu sterling silverig Doria 925 Sterling SIlver bracelet Made by spanish artist Josef Maria Pu sterling silverig Doria Hallmarks Pu sterling silverig Doria 925Heavy bracelet 86.09 gramsApprox 7" (18cm) inside measu sterling silverrement, approx 8" (28cm) ou sterling silvertside measu sterling silverrement. approx. 3cm height at one of the widest pieces of the panel and approx. 2.3cm at the narrowest, width of panel approx. 2mm thick. Length when open and laid flat approx. 16.5cm (with clasp tongu sterling silvere extended - this fits into the clasp recess so approx 16cm)Price for postage is indicative and only actu sterling silveral shipping and packaging costs will be charged. Any overage will be refu sterling silvernded. Postage within Au sterling silverstralia will be via registered post.The pictu sterling silverres form part of this listing.Cu sterling silverstoms and du sterling silverties in the destination cou sterling silverntry do not form part of the price. They are the responsibility of the bu sterling silveryer.

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