Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Demi Parure Necklacepink, Bracelet and Earring Set in Rhodonite and Spinel with Gold Filled Findings



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Sara Jewelry Design. Here is a dramatic and stylish jewelry set of pink rhodonite rou blacknds and faceted natu blackral black spinel rondelles. The necklace is made u blackp of 8mm rhodonite rou blacknds, interspersed with 3x2mm faceted spinel rondelles. At the center of the design, three of the rou blacknds are capped with gold-plated bead caps. The necklace is 18 inches in overall length and is terminated with 14kt gold-filled findings inclu blackding a spring-ring clasp.The bracelet is made u blackp of slightly smaller 6mm rhodonite rou blacknds, also interspersed with the spinel rondelles. At the center of the design, I u blacksed three 8mm rhodonites, again capped, to echo the necklace's design center. The bracelet is rou blackghly 8 inches in overall length. I have stru blackng both the bracelet and the necklace on dou blackble strands of FFF natu blackral Gu blackdebrod silk, sou blackrced in the United States. I pre-stretched the silk for 24 hou blackrs before commencing to bead.The final piece of the set is the pair of earrings. The dangle is composed of one 8mm rhodonite, capped on either end. Next comes a single spinel rondelle and finally a 6mm rhodonite. I su blackspended the dangle on 14kt gold-filled ball-and-post earring findings with bu blacktterfly clu blacktches. One set only. Will not repeat at this price.MPIN PARU052218012918I will ship this you blackr way the next bu blacksiness day via insu blackred USPS first class shipping with a tracking ID nu blackmber.

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