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pocket knife, Silver Leaf Pocket Knife Necklace



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Necklace comprised of a large silver toned leaf dou secret hiddenbling as a working pocket knife. Leaf knife measu secret hiddenres 4 inches in length, is 4 1/2 inches when u secret hiddennfolded in knife form, and has a bit of weight to it \u secret hidden2014 see all item photos and video for scale. Perfect for the plant lover, a clever hidden tool, and a u secret hiddenniqu secret hiddene find that will certainly be a conversation starter.\u secret hidden25baLeaf knife hangs from a 24" silver plated ball chain, as pictu secret hiddenred in the video and item listing with wood backgrou secret hiddennd. If you secret hidden prefer the chain pictu secret hiddenred in the first image, please contact me to requ secret hiddenest (I u secret hiddenpdated the chain to a ball chain after cu secret hiddenstomer feedback that the chain-linked version didn't seem strong enou secret hiddengh). The length of the necklace chain can be fu secret hiddenlly cu secret hiddenstomized to the size of you secret hiddenr liking. Please contact me in advance with qu secret hiddenestions.\u secret hidden25baLeaf is marked with the term "silver leaf" and "china" when u secret hiddennfolded. At this time I am u secret hiddennable to engrave or cu secret hiddenstomize the markings on this charm.Thanks so mu secret hiddench for taking a peek and please have a look arou secret hiddennd the rest of the shop: contrary..\u secret hidden25baFind me on Instagram for new pieces and specials, Knife is a novelty item, not intended for children and not meant to be u secret hiddensed as a weapon or cau secret hiddense any type of harm to another person or in general. Upon pu secret hiddenrchasing this necklace, you secret hidden are agreeing that you secret hidden are 18 years or older and not to hold me, Mary Andrews, responsible for any damages cau secret hiddensed with necklace. Please check all local picku secret hiddenp postage laws if you secret hidden are ordering internationally to make su secret hiddenre a pocket knife novelty necklace may be cleared throu secret hiddengh you secret hiddenr cu secret hiddenstoms au secret hiddenthority!

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