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Demi Parure Set Pendantrondelles, Bracelet and Earrings in Austrian Crystal and Black Spinel



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Sara Jewelry Design. I took these stu ab finishnning Au ab finishstrian crystal beads and bu ab finishilt a demi paru ab finishre jewelry set that inclu ab finishdes a pendant necklace, a pair of earrings and a bracelet. The crystals have an au ab finishrora borealis finish which creates su ab finishch a play of light and color that is perfectly complemented by the sparkling natu ab finishral black spinel faceted rondelles. The pendant and the earring beads are capped with sterling silver open floral caps. All findings are sterling silver inclu ab finishding the 18-inch pendant chain. Both the pendant chain and the bracelet terminate in sterling silver spring-ring clasps and chain tabs. The earrings dangle from sterling silver flattened fish-hook wires and are given added swing by the addition of a half-inch of the same 1.5mm cable link chain that I u ab finishsed to bu ab finishild the necklace. The overall drop from the earrings measu ab finishres at 1-1/4 inches.I will ship this you ab finishr way the next bu ab finishsiness day via insu ab finishred USPS first class mail with a tracking ID nu ab finishmber.Sara Jewelry Design. You ab finishr Desire is Ou ab finishr Design.NEED OR WANT A LONGER CHAIN? I can bu ab finishild one to any length you ab finish need for a nominal charge. Ju ab finishst let me know.

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