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Vintage Smurfvintage compass, Cinderellavintage compass, Mickey Mousevintage compass, Keebler Elfvintage compass, Mighty Mousevintage compass, Compass and New Haven Pedometer



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This is a Lot of 7 total items as follows with descriptions the best that I can. New Haven Pedometer Does not work, Mighty Mou antique watchesse Watch with band Hands do not move and it does not work, Keebler Elf watch with band Hands Tu antique watchesrn bu antique watchest it does not work, Smu antique watchesrf Watch no band hands tu antique watchesrn and it Does Work, Cinderella watch it ticks bu antique watchest hands do not move, Compass Watch Style no band works bu antique watchest cover is clou antique watchesdy, and Mickey Mou antique watchesse watch No band hands do not move and it does not work. Some of these may u antique watchesse batteries I ju antique watchesst do not know. No retu antique watchesrns. You antique watches gt what you antique watches see in the photo's . Pretty mu antique watchesch good condition with normal age wear. A person cou antique watchesld get them ru antique watchesnning or u antique watchesse some of them for parts. If you antique watches have any more qu antique watchesestions please ask before you antique watches pu antique watchesrchase. I ship to the USA. No International Shipping. I also insu antique watchesre all of my packges to make su antique watchesre that they arrive to you antique watches safely. Thanks for looking.

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