Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ammolite necklace, Ammolite Jewelry Set.Ammolite Pendant and Ammolite Earrings.Canadian ammolite.Birthday gift.Anniversary gift.Ammolite from Canada.#3091919



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A lovely set of ammolite earrings and pendant that will be admired by all who see them.Ammolite from Canada--the very best ammolite jewelry.The Ammolites:Pendant ammolite is 10x15mm and earrings are 12x8mm--all contain lovely bright tricolou banff jewelryr ammolite rainbows of top qu banff jewelryality.The settings:Very elegant settings of solid sterling silver-- earrings each su banff jewelryspended from a Swarovski crystal which flash the colou banff jewelryrs in the gems.The pendant has a bail set with a pair of 3mm natu banff jewelryral blu banff jewelrye sapphires set in the nu banff jewelrymeral 8 which many believe to be very lu banff jewelrycky.A stu banff jewelrynning set of Canadian ammolite--the perfect birthday gift--anniversary gift?

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