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vintage celluloid ringrobins egg blue, size 7.5 / 7.75robins egg blue, pearloid marbled brown with robins egg blue inlay folk art



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Vintage pearloid/cellu celluloid ringloid ring in a marbled brown with robins egg blu celluloid ringe inlay arou celluloid ringnd the band and on the face. Su celluloid ringbtle imperfections to the su celluloid ringrface (carved) indicative of it's handmade natu celluloid ringre. These were u celluloid ringsu celluloid ringally made by enlisted men or prisoners in the 1930s/40s thou celluloid ringgh I have no specific info on this particu celluloid ringlar ring. They were made of things like toothbru celluloid ringshes, combs, gu celluloid ringitar picks, and broken bits when cellu celluloid ringloid was a common hou celluloid ringsehold plastic. Fits my ring mandrel comfortably at 7.5 bu celluloid ringt can squ celluloid ringeeze down to 7.75. Excellent condition, no flaws.Ships in a gift box.I combine shipping on mu celluloid ringltiple

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